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The following training aids are available for purchase through Newstandard Institute.
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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Computer Based Training
Extracted from New Standard Institute's popular three-day seminar, this program is designed to provide the basics of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training without requiring seminar attendance. This material has been presented to over 5000 people in the last 10 years. This easy-to-use training software is a solid Maintenance Planning & Scheduling reference. Selected as a Finalist for the 2002 Product of the Year Award by Plant Engineering Magazine.
Computer Based Training
The first defense against chronic equipment failure is a solid preventive maintenance (PM) program. One of the more important aspects of a PM program is proper and periodic lubrication of rotating equipment. This computer based training program provides a thorough understanding of lubricant choices. Interactive aids make this a solid training and reference tool. Learn proper lubrication methods and how to analyze oil test results.
AC Motor Controls
Computer Based Training
Most AC motors are started through a standardized control system designed to protect the motor, the circuit, and operating personnel. This training tool focuses on ladder diagrams, wiring, and troubleshooting techniques for the most common motor used in industry, the AC induction motor. New interactive exercises and quizzes help you hone your troubleshooting skills.
Electrical Safe Work Practices
Computer Based Training
All persons who install, maintain, repair, or just work near electrical power equipment need electrical safety training. United States labor law spells out safe work practices and employee training requirements. This computer based training provides the information required by OSHA 29CFR1910 Subpart S, as well as other important safety information not required by OSHA.
Selected as a Finalist for the 2003 Product of the Year Award by Plant Engineering Magazine. Finalist: 2004 Product of the Year (Category: Computer & Software) by EC&M Magazine.
Electrical Safe Work Practices in Spanish
Computer Based Training
Todas las personas que instalan, mantienen, reparan, o trabajan cerca del equipo eléctrico necessita entrenamiento de seguridad eléctrico. La ley de trabajo de los Estados Unidos explica prácticas del trabajo y requisitos de entrenamiento seguros de empleado. Este entrenamiento computarizado proporciona la información requerida por OSHA 29CFR1910 Subsección S, y tambien la otra información importante de seguridad no requerida por OSHA.
Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages
Computer Based Training
The Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages computer based training module is extracted from New Standard Institute's two-day seminar. A shutdown, turnaround, or outage can be the biggest and most complicated demand on maintenance resources. Using modern project management methods can enable a maintenance professional to identify, plan, staff and coordinate the effort of hundreds of workers and their support equipment while minimizing downtime and costs. This program includes interactive critical path method training.
Measurement Methods
Computer Based Training
This practical training tool emphasizes the types of measurements commonly required for day to day maintenance. The quality of the work you perform can be improved with the use of proper measurement tools. This material is enhanced with fully interactive tools.
Maintenance Storerooms
Computer Based Training
The Maintenance Storerooms computer based training (CBT) is taken from New Standard Institute's two-day seminar for Storeroom and Parts Managers and provides a comprehensive approach to the mechanics and mathematics of a well-run storeroom. CBT has full narrated text. Program also includes the Reorder Point Calculator.
Gaskets and Bolted Flange Connections
Computer Based Training
Containing fluids (liquids and gases) is essential to both safe and efficient process operation. Leaky systems can be costly as well as dangerous. The US EPA has set down regulations aimed at limiting emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in pumps, compressors, valves, and flanged equipment. This training shows you how to achieve a good flanged connection as well as the essentials of studs, bolts and nuts.
Presentation Version Electrical Safe Work Practices
Computer Based Training
Safety Managers / Trainers: Enhance the training process using visual aids. New Standard Institute's Electrical Safe Work Practices computer based presentation is extracted from the material covered in our full text training module on Electrical Safe Work Practices, which is also included in this package. This program is LCD Projector-ready, or it can be used on individual PCs.
We recommend each student be provided with their own computer based training module, prior to an instructor-led Presentation of the material.

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