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Maintenance Benchmarking Database

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Welcome to the Plant Maintenance Resource Center - Maintenance Benchmarking Database.

This database allows you to benchmark your maintenance function against other organisations both within your industry, and against other industries.

The essence of benchmarking is sharing, and this is the essence of this database as well. Please populate this database with your benchmarking data, and this will allow others to compare themselves with your results (and, of course, vice versa). Confidentiality is assured, should you desire it - your name and the name of your organisation will not be revealed if you so desire.

If all you want to do is look at other peoples results, then go ahead, but remember that if everyone does the same as you, then there will never be any data in this database. As a result, anyone who is looking for meaningful benchmarks in this database, including yourself, will go away empty handed. So please make that little bit of extra effort, and enter your benchmarking data.

If you are interested in benchmarking, you may also be interested in reading one of the recommended books on benchmarking, available from our bookstore.

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Please report any problems with this database by mailing me.

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