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Viewing News Postings

Registering for the News Board

Creating a News Posting

Modifying or Deleting a News Posting

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Viewing News Postings

To view a News posting, simply click on the Posting Title.

By default, the News board only displays the most recent 25 postings. To navigate to earlier postings, use the drop-down selection box on the board top navigation bar (which starts by displaying "Page 1") to navigate to earlier postings.

Registering for the News Board.

If you wish to create News postings, you will need to register to use the News Board. This is a seperate registration from all other registrations that we have on this site. Your privacy in registering for this service is assured. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

To register to create postings in the News Board, click on the "Register" link (see Creating a News Posting below). Then enter a user login of your choice (either your real name or an alias), your email address, and a password of your choice (twice). You can ignore the "Do not let others know if you are in the forum" checkbox, as the jobs board is configured so that nobody will know you are logged in regardless of your selection here. Then press the "Submit" button. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. You must follow the instructions on this email to finalise your registration. Until your registration is finalised, you will not be able to post to the board. After confirming your registration, you will be redirected to the Login screen, where you will be requested to login using your newly created username and password. You will also receive email confirmation of your User Name and password - please keep these in a safe place, as you will need these if you wish to modify or delete your postings.

Creating a News Posting


There are two ways of Creating a News Posting.

  1. The first method is to submit your posting via email. Simply send your email to, and the posting will be submitted for approval by the News Board moderator. Using this method may be simpler, but you will have less control over formatting, and you may not be able to subsequently edit or delete your posting. Nevertheless, this method may be preferable for many because of its relative simplicity.
  2. The second method is to use the News Board web interface. To create a new News posting, click on "New Post" on the News board top navigation bar. This will take you to a new screen where (if you have not yet logged in to the News Board) you will need to use your User Name and password to log in to the News Board before you can enter your News Posting. If you do not have a user name and password for the Plant Maintenance Resource Center News Board, then you will need to obtain these. Click on the "Register" link to set these up. See Registering for the News Board above for more information on registering to use the News Board.
  3. Enter your name and password (and optionally choose to have your password automatically remembered each time you use your current computer). Press the "Submit" button, and you will be directed to the "New Post" screen.

    Complete all the required fields - including:

    • Your email address
    • The title of the News Posting
    • The Message Category
    • The News Details. In this area, you can use the tool bar icons to modify text attributes, to create bulleted lists and more.

    You can ignore the "Disallow replies" check box, as the jobs board has been configured so that replies to postings will not be posted to the News Board. So that people can reply to your posting, you will need to make sure that you include contact details either in the News Details section (make sure you include your email address in the News Details section if you want email replies), in the Link URL section (see below) or in an uploaded file (see below also).

    If you wish to create a link to another web page where people can view further details of the job, complete the Link URL and Link Title fields.

    If you wish to link to an image file on the web complete the Image URL field.

    To upload a file to the News Board for people to view (such as a press release), use the "Browse" button to browse to the appropriate file on your computer or network and select the file for upload. Uploaded files can only be of the following file types: .gif, .jpg, .zip, .html, .doc, .htm, .txt, .pdf. Uploaded files must be less than 200kB in size.

    When all is completed, click on the "Post!" button and your News posting will be submitted to the Board Moderator for consideration and approval before it is posted to the website.

Modifying or Deleting a News Posting

To modify or delete a News posting that you previously created, first log in to the News board using the username and password that you used to create the initial posting. The Login page can be loaded by clicking on the "Login" link on the News Board main index page (

Once you are logged in, navigate from the main index page ( to your message, and open the message by clicking on its title.

Once the message is opened, you should be able to modify the message by clicking on the "Edit" link. The "Modify Message" screen then opens to allow you to make edits.

You can also delete the message by first clicking on the "Edit" link to open the "Modify Message" screen, and then press the "Delete" button towards the bottom of this screen.

Need More Help?

If you need any more help, please email me.

Thanks for supporting this site.

Alexander (Sandy) Dunn

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