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Articles on Valves and Control Valves

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Control Valve Actuator Operating Modes
Control Valve Concepts
Control Valve Flow Characteristics
Control Valve Packing
Control Valve Seat Leakage Classifications
Control Valve Terminology
Control Valve Tips & Tricks
Control Valves - Flow Recovery Coefficient
Control Valves - Pressure Recovery Factor
Improving Valve Life and Operating Efficiency The Easy Way Eight often-overlooked valve maintenance basics
Positioner and Actuator Operating Modes
Use of Ultrasonic Analysis in the Testing of Isolating Valves Offshore installations use a series of isolation valves to divert the flows from the various pumps. One of the main reasons a pump test can "fail", is if the isolating valves are passing. This article describes testing the isolating valves using ultrasonic analysis. Overhaul of an isolating valve costs significantly less than undertaking an unnecessary pump major overhaul, - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Valve Positioners

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