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Articles on Maintenance Outsourcing and Contracting

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Contract Maintenance or not? What kind of maintenance should or should not be contracted out and the reasons for choosing either option.
Contract maintenance or not? (part 1) What kind of maintenance you should or should not contract out and the reasons why, as well as the characteristics of a good maintenance contract
Contract maintenance or not? (part 2) What kind of maintenance you should or should not contract out and the reasons why, as well as the characteristics of a good maintenance contract
Focus on employee needs to minimize outsourcing anxiety As manufacturers increasingly choose to outsource maintenance tasks, managers must take into account the impact these decisions have on current employees. True, outsourcing maintenance can result in increased production, improved efficiency, and reduced costs. However, benefits do little to ease the concerns of plant employees who suddenly find themselves working for the new maintenance provider or even facing an uncertain career path. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Ideas about using maintenance Contractors An important goal with contractors is to make a few of them into team members. They can help with all kinds of decisions relating to maintenance
Loosen the collar, Tighten the belt, Pull up your socks - Successful Maintenance Outsourcing There is a continuing trend to Outsource maintenance in the all sectors of Australian Industry. It may not be as trendy as it was seen to be a decade ago, but it is still a legitimate business option that should be understood and considered. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Maintenance Outsourcing - Critical Issues
Maintenance Outsourcing Survey Results - 2001 Discusses the results of the 2001 Plant Maintenance Resource Center survey on Maintenance Outsourcing - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Outsourcing - A plan for success Consideration should always be given to outsourcing when evaluating potential solutions to difficult maintenance situations. We will discuss some of the considerations that should be evaluated when making a decision to outsource maintenance on production equipment. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Outsourcing 101 - A Primer Outsourcing is a very diverse topic, and there are many different outsourcing options and outsourcing service providers to choose from. Companies are telling the Technology Evaluation Center that they need a clearer picture of outsourcing, its potential benefits, and common pitfalls. They want examples of different types of outsourcing and advice on whether outsourcing is right for them. This primer addresses these questions. In addition, the Technology Evaluation Center is launching a research initiative into outsourcing and launching the Outsourcing Evaluation Center to help companies in their journey towards outsourcing, whether they are outsourcing for the first time or the fifth.
Outsourcing Equipment Maintenance in a Down Economy The decision to outsource equipment maintenance, during the recent economic boom, was generally made for the purpose of improving maintenance performance in order to maximize the output of the plant. With orders at very high levels, the only thing that would hurt plant financial performance would be the inability to make enough products to meet the demand of the market. Although the decision to outsource a key, yet noncore, function like maintenance was not an easy decision, Plant Managers felt comfortable that the risk involved with outsourcing was not as great as the risk of not producing. With the economic issues facing manufacturers today, the decision to outsource equipment maintenance is probably more viable than it has been in robust economic times. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Production Equipment Maintenance - Have you considered outsourcing? Traditional approaches generally focused on improving maintenance using strictly internal resources, supporting the mindset: The only way to get things done right is to do it myself. The good news is that management now has more options available to help them address complex maintenance challenges. - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Suppose Suppose you had to give it all up (to a full outsource management contractor). The two major management functions that they would have to fulfill, or else . . . . . - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Taking Asset Service Management to the Next Level The shifting of traditional maintenance department functions to a service center model that manages maintenance activities is causing many manufacturers to review how maintenance functions are performed at their facilities. The outsourcing of maintenance has become a solution for many companies, allowing them to focus on their core business while others handle maintenance tasks.

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